A Better, Fairer Economy

We must rebuild the economy from the bottom up.

Right now, our economy works very well for a privileged few. Despite record corporate profits and ever-increasing worker productivity, wages have remained stagnant for nearly four decades. Why? The hardworking people creating the profits are taking home less and less for themselves and their families. The recent GOP Tax Scam was yet another massive wealth transfer to the wealthiest Americans and foreign investors.

When an affluent donor class dictates economic policy by buying representatives on both sides of the aisle, everyday people lose out. It's time that the residents of the #FightingFourth sent one of their own to Washington. I am a single parent who is squarely in the middle class and runs a Main Street family business. That's why I support the policy initiatives in order to get more money into the hands of working Americans so that we can reinvest in their own communities. To name a few:

  • A federal $15/hour minimum wage, because no one should work full time and still struggle to meet basic needs. Read here about the Raise the Wage Act, a proposed Senate bill. I would support companion legislation along these lines.
  • Medicare for All, so that small businesses can thrive and families are not bankrupted by medical costs. Read here about H.R. 676, The Expanded and Improved Medicare for All Act. My support for this legislation has been unwavering since I launched my campaign.
  • Joining the Committee on Small Business in the Democratic party, because too many of our elected officials are in the pockets of large corporations, and Democrats should be the voice of Main Street, not Wall Street. Read here about the Committee.
  • Tuition-free higher education at public institutions, because young leaders should be able to start their careers and their lives without being saddled with decades of debt. Read here about HR 1880, The College for All Act.
  • Regulating our financial institutions, and following the lead of Senator Elizabeth Warren in her efforts to ensure that the interests of the public are first and foremost when enforcing regulations on financial institutions. Read here about the 21st-Century Glass-Steagall Act, a proposed Senate bill. I would support companion legislation in the House.

I am not going to Congress to serve the interests of wealthy donors, fossil fuel executives, lobbyists, and those angling for lucrative government defense contracts. My primary opponent cannot say the same. If I have the pleasure of serving in Congress, I will be fighting for the economic interests of everyday people of our district.