Saving the Environment

We must take bold, sensible steps to protect our world for the next generation.

Climate policy is a very sensitive issue now, as every moment of inaction is meaningful. A vast majority of climate scientists say every moment of inaction on climate change adds to the damages we will incur. It is an absolute travesty that our administration took us out of line with the world by removing us from the Paris Climate Accord. We must take bold, sensible steps towards protecting our world for the next generation.

Being on the front lines of the refugee crisis in Lesbos, Greece made it evident that we are not prepared for the next generation of climate refugees who will be coming in waves unless we take action right now. Many of us who have lived on the shore their entire lives had to feel the shock of climate change ourselves when Hurricane Sandy hit, and many more of us have a family member or friend who lost a home during the disaster and may still be displaced. I recently traveled to Puerto Rico to deliver generators and aid to those affected by the hurricanes, and many homes look as though the storm had hit days ago. We must fundamentally change our contribution to such disasters and how we react to the aftermath.

We need a green industrial revolution. The government must urge the transition to renewable resources and put restrictions on harmfully harvesting our remaining natural resources. Not only would developing the green energy industry be environmentally beneficial, it would be a source of innovation and revenue that would provide economic benefits. There is the potential to create multitude more jobs than can be created in the oil and gas industry. Because of this, I stand in support of the movement to switch entirely to sustainable energy sources by the year 2035. The efficiency of solar panels, windmills, and battery technology have become exponentially better over the past years, and it is due time to subsidize these industries to encourage an injection of creativity and expertise to solve these issues even more rapidly.

In Congress, I intend to lend my Jersey voice and vote to legislation aimed at preserving the environment we grew up with; legislation such as H.R. 3533: Coastal State Climate Preparedness Act of 2017. It is immensely important that we modernize the response to climate change related disasters, because it would be devastating to assume another coastal storm of similar magnitude is not on its way. As Congresspeople, we must educate the public on the incompetence of current EPA assignments, and demand public pressure on their representatives across the aisle who have let the executive branch act without criticism. Finally, as legislators, we must demand higher investigative standards for corporate environmental impact reports and have substantially higher penalties for those who violate legal environmental standards. There is no time but now to take aggressive action to save our planet.