Jim Keady fights for Us!

Jim Keady doesn’t represent special interest groups and big donors.
He represents the everyday people of New Jersey’s #FightingFourth district.

Campaign Finance ReformKeady fights for voters' rights to enact campaign finance reform that keeps corporate interests out of our elections and working to overturn Citizens United. Read more → Medicare For AllKeady fights for all Americans, supporting Medicare for All to guarantee quality healthcare to all Americans. Healthcare is a human right. Read more → Protecting the EnvironmentKeady fights for future generations, combating climate change and supporting a green economy to create good jobs and a sustainable environment. Read more → Common-sense Gun SafetyKeady fights for families to ensure safety and responsible gun ownership by supporting common-sense reforms. Read more → Fight for $15Keady fights for the working class to ensure that all workers earn a $15 minimum wage, so those who work full-time can support themselves. Read more → College for AllKeady fights for students by supporting tuition-free public college for everyone. We must invest in education, not burden students and families with debt. Read more → Women’s IssuesKeady fights for women, from equal pay to reproductive rights. Women’s voices matter on all policy discussions. Coming soon… Social JusticeKeady fights for social justice to guarantee equal rights are protected for every American regardless of their orientation, gender, race, or religion. Coming soon… Immigration ReformKeady fights for immigrants and refugees to keep children safe from harm and to build a more inclusive community. Coming soon…