Get Involved

To win this race, we are going to need all hands on deck. It doesn’t matter if you can volunteer 1 hour or 1,000 hours, we can use your help.

Voter involvement is key to the success of our campaign. Take the first step by joining us!

There are many ways that you can help:

Who's joining

Pooja Vora
Michael Thompson
Cassie Jaeger
jeanne chrabaszcz
Ximena Aparicio
David Zwisohn
David Dragonetti
Corey Schwitz
David Leachman
Allison Calvanico
victorian mattar
victorian mattar
Chelsea Rosenberg
Charles Keeling
Jacqueline Zeiner
Jim Silverman
Christina Radvanski
Ricky Wiget
Scott Feinman
Shawn Sheppard
Gail Poverman-Kave
Nicholas Stango
Amanda Weaver
Kaitlyn Lehman
Sandy Delopoulos
Pj Meara