NJ-04 Grassroots Donors Overwhelmingly Favor Keady for Congress

Coming on the heels of winning debate performances and a slew of local endorsements, the year-end FEC filings for the Democratic candidates in New Jersey’s 4th Congressional district reveals Jim Keady beating his primary opponent in in-district contributions by a margin of 16-1.

According to the Federal Election Commission and recent fundraising activity through January disclosed by the Keady campaign, 484 grassroots supporters in the 4th district contributed to Keady’s campaign, while his opponent received only a meager 30 donors from those living in the district.

Driven overwhelmingly by small contributions, averaging less than $70 from more than fifteen hundred supporters, Keady brought his total fundraising haul to $145,000 for the cycle ending in 2017 and has already increased that total to $180,000 as of the first month of 2018. He added $80,000 this past quarter, 33% more than the previous quarter, and is on track to increase his fundraising total again this quarter.

“The grassroots in this district have sent a resounding message that Jim Keady is the candidate they want to represent Democrats in the general election,” said Ryan Hughes, Keady for Congress Campaign Manager. “Jim’s contributions reflect the fact that he’s been fighting right alongside them his whole life, and that’s who he intends to represent in Congress, not outside interests in large cities across the country, like our opponents.”

Keady’s primary opponent went outside of the district to raise money from high dollar donors, who contributed an average for $425. In total, his opponent raised more than double out-of-state than in-state, while Keady raised nearly 75 percent of his contributions from those living in the state of New Jersey. In addition, his primary opponent Joshua Welle received donations from only 44 individuals from the entire state of New Jersey, as compared to Keady’s nearly one thousand New Jersey contributors.

“Jim’s strong end of quarter support only adds the momentum our campaign needs heading into the local party conventions,” added Hughes.

The two candidates are scheduled to face off in their third debate next week, where voters will likely be demanding answers from Keady’s opponent about his alliances with Wall Street and his residency outside of the district. Welle himself may have inadvertently confirmed his residency in Arlington, Virginia, with the address he listed in his own FEC filings for in-kind contributions he made to his own campaign.

Most recently, Welle responded to a question from a Democratic Co-Chairwoman at a forum that it was “none of your business” where he currently resides or where he will reside in the district should he be elected to Congress. Keady has shown in-district support through local endorsements that include community faith leaders and the entire Democratic elected delegation in his hometown of Belmar.