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Who makes these Keady for Congress Shirts

The T-shirts for the Keady campaign come from Lifewear, a second generation, family-owned and operated manufacturing facility in business since 1950. Lifewear's President, Dave Bartman, is unique in that he invited union organizers into his company to make sure that his workers knew they could collectively bargain for fair wages and good working conditions. Dave Bartman knows Jim Keady well, and they have worked together against worker abuse, unfair practices and to give people decent standards of living through organized labor.

"If I had to tell you the main ingredient, it would be the dedication of the people I work with. We have a lot of good equipment, but it's personnel that makes the business go. If your workers are behind you, you can't fail, and that's really what keeps us going." - Dave Bartman, President, Lifewear USA

Why does this matter?

Because workers matter. Jim Keady has spent his career fighting the abhorrent labor practices in Nike sweatshops from Vietnam to Indonesia. He has fought powerful corporations around the world and has helped workers win major union-busting and wage-theft cases.
(You can read here about the Nikomas settlement.) 

So when you see the Keady for Congress volunteers sporting these shirts around town, you should know that they are union-made, locally printed, and more than just a T-shirt. They tell the story of a candidate with a track record of fighting for working people at home and abroad.