Jim's Pledge


In a Democratic Primary, it is necessary and important to highlight the differences between candidates. The purpose of this primary is to select the candidate who will carry the Democratic Party flag into the general election in November against Chris Smith and the Republican Party.

Here are 5 key policy differences between Jim Keady and his primary opponent.


Jim Keady is committed to running a grassroots campaign that focuses on increasing turnout among disaffected Democrats and bringing them together with unaffiliated voters who agree with us on key issues. Not only is this the winning strategy to beat a 37-year incumbent, but it is the responsibility of the Democratic Party to build a big tent and then do the work of bringing people into it.

Jim's primary opponent openly rejects this responsibility, and instead is focusing on his self-described centrism as an attempt to peel off 30% of Chris Smith's Republican base. Jim Keady believes that we, as Democrats, should not sacrifice our bold, progressive ideals to compromise with this GOP, whose agenda is dangerous to women, immigrants, Muslims, the LGBTQ+ community, people of color, and working families. 


Jim is not here just to capitalize on a moment.

He is here to help build a movement and lasting Democratic Party power for years to come.