Speeches, Debates, and Interviews

My name is Jim Keady and I am running for Congress. I am trying to earn as much support as I can from people from NJ04, from around our state, and from around the nation. I hope you agree that we need people in Washington, DC who are going to fight for the little guy/gal. I have been doing just that for more than 20 years. I wanted to share some of the video highlights with you from these battles in the political trenches.

These videos are in no particular order. Please watch these videos to learn more about what I stand for before casting your vote in the Primary on June 5.

In Solidarity with #StudentsDemandAction on Gun Violence

#DEFENDOURCOASTS and Stop Offshore Drilling

"Brass-Knuckled-Brawler-Progressive!" Running For Congress

WE WILL WIN! speech to striking Verizon workers

WNYC - Protester told by Gov. Christie to "Sit Down & Shut Up"

ESPN - Keady vs. Nike and St. John's University

Jim Keady Speaks on Behalf of Residents of Lakewood

Delivering Aid to Families in Ingenio, Puerto Rico

Congressman Smith - Will you be our Valentine?

Life Guards Saving Refugees' Lives on Lesvos, Greece

Keady Speech at Christie Presidential Launch

Jose's Story from Ingenio, Puerto Rico

Congressional Debate Highlights